Elevated Dog Bed Lounger
Elevated Dog Bed Lounger
Elevated Dog Bed Lounger
Elevated Dog Bed Lounger
Elevated Dog Bed Lounger
Elevated Dog Bed Lounger
Elevated Dog Bed Lounger
Elevated Dog Bed Lounger
Elevated Dog Bed Lounger
Elevated Dog Bed Lounger

Elevated Dog Bed Lounger

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Treat your dog to the comfort they deserve.  These Cot Style Pet Beds are ideal for any dog regardless of age, breed or weight.Don’t let your pet sleep on cold hardwood or concrete floor. The Pet Beds are the best products that offer unmatched quality and comfort to keep your pet healthy. It’s portable, light weight, easy to maintain, and can support up to 110 pounds. Get this for your pet because he deserves a sweet dream too! 

 Small cot can support upto 85 lb
 Large cot can support upto 110 lb


  • Elevate your pet from cold hard floor and keep her from insects
  • Mesh Fabric for ventilation to keep pet cool during sleep
  • Machine Washable for easy cleaning from pet soil and smell
  • Durable and sturdy metal frame 
  • Collapsible for easy storage and transport
  • Protect original paint and surface from scratches
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Weight: 106 oz (6.5 lbs) 
Dimensions: Large - 51.18 inches x 31.5 inches x 8 inches, 43.5 x 31.5" Mesh Fabric
Small - 42 inches x 25.5 inches x 8 inches, 35.5 x 25.5" Mesh Fabric
Color: Green

My German Shepherds love their beds!
David K.
My great dane loves his new large bed! I was worried that it would be too small for him, but he has extra room the way he curls up to sleep.
Stephen C.
Bought these for our two Medium sized Australian Shepherds so they could lay out on the deck, without having to lay directly on the wood. Weren't sure if they would use them or not. Turns out they love these Cots!! Had them for a couple months now and they are holding up fine. These were very reasonably priced when we bought them at $49.00 a piece. I think the price has gone up since then, however I still would purchase again as the reviews are right they are great Cots and the Dogs love them.
Paul B.
Took my dog a minute to get used to it. Now he lays on it throughout the day. Easy to maintain, and very durable. I love that it is off of the ground, allowing keeping my dog cooler. And most importantly, it is work dog friendly.
Julia M.
We have a 65 lb Siberian husky and a 60 lb collie/husky cross, (and a Siberian husky puppy on the way), and everyone LOVES these beds. We've bought three, and the back patio looks like a cot club for dogs! Just need to tighten the screws every few months, mainly because my huskies love to bounce around on them. Excellent to use in the winter, also in the summer especially here in AZ as it keeps them up off the 100+ degree ground! My dogs can go in and out as they please and even in the heat they lay outside on their beds :) Best dog beds!
Chris K.
I ordered this for my 130 lb Bullmastiff. I knew it wasn't rated for his weight but thought I would give it a shot. I wanted to get him off of the hard floor to support his joints but he shreds every plush bed or blanker I try. I also have a 50lb English Bulldog who likes to mark every bed I try. We have had this for about 2 weeks now and so far it is great! They both use it daily. The Bulldog likes to bully the Mastiff off of it. The Mastiff fits on it comfortably. It sags a little from his weight, but I realize it wasn't meant for his size. It seems like it will hold up well for both of them. Only time will tell if his weight wears it out but I think it will last quite a while.
What a great little invention! My dogs put it to good use, on a daily basis. My male loves to lay in it and watch the birds eat and bathe in the yard, and it is big enough for both my Staffordshire Bull Terriers to lay on at the same time. When cooler weather comes, I place it in a sunny spot and put a soft blanket over the top, which I secure with clothespins at the four corners. It's a hit, even on sunny winter days, with the addition of the blanket. It's sturdy and the perfect height for my dogs to easily climb onto. They love it, and that makes me very happy, indeed!
Jessica N.
Perfect dog bed to keep my boy cool and off the concrete.
Iris S.
I bought this for my dogs to lie on in the backyard (grass/concrete). It's pretty much exactly what I expected and to test it out I tried sitting on it for a while and it didn't seem to have any trouble with my weight (~135 lbs). The Large size is big enough for my two ~40 lb mutts. I have an old beach towel I threw on it for the dogs to lie on- I think they like it better anyway because it's softer than the material of the bed and I can easily wash the towel whenever it gets dirty or hairy. Putting it together was pretty simple. It would've been more helpful if there were written directions, but the pictures weren't hard to figure out. The only part I messed up on was the "feet" because I didn't look very closely. I thought they were 4 identical pieces but if you look carefully, one side has a clear "pipe indentation" that's like a circular imprint and the opposite side is just indented. There are 2 of one kind and 2 of the other, and you need one of each per long leg. Both feet have to have the circular imprint side facing the same way (facing inward, toward the fabric, to meet the shorter leg). So if you don't have the correct one, the frame piece won't be flush against the leg piece. Then you might not be able to screw the pieces together as tightly as you need. So make sure you have the correct piece in the right spot when you are putting the screws in. I am a 23 year old woman and I had no difficulty putting the bed together by myself in about 10 minutes, that's including my little feet mixup. I did follow someone else's tip on here and just put the screws in lightly (just 3-4 twists, enough for it to hold, but still wiggle) until all the pieces were put together, then tightened them all at the end. It did help a LOT to raise a corner off the floor when I was aligning the last hole- don't try to do it with the whole thing lying flat on the ground as the fabric doesn't stretch and you'll be straining to line up the holes otherwise. The feet do have little caps on them which was good in case I want to bring the bed in on my hardwood floors. It would be easy enough to take the bed apart if I wanted to put it away for a while. Overall it's pretty lightweight but sturdy.
Matt B.
We use ours indoors and I can attest that dogs love it. If you have a dog that likes being up off the floor but you don't want them on the furniture then buy this. It was very easy to assemble.
Adam V.
I have 2, my mom has 2, my brother has 1...these things are a great deal! Very easy to clean and do not hold pet odors in. Easy to move around Im telling you these things are great!
Sandy E.
My dogs love these beds. I got these when my elderly lab starting having health issues which were causing him to have accidents when he was sleeping or lying down. Trying to wash large orthopedic dog beds is a pain, and after a while no amount of washing or febreeze takes care of a stinky dog bed. I found these and thought I would give it a try, they weren't expensive (especially compared to most large dog beds!) and I figured it would be easy to clean if soiled. It worked out great. So easy to clean, I just hose off the pet bed when needed. Quick, easy, and no stinky dog bed smell anymore. They are very stable, one of my dogs is a bit over 120lbs. You will notice some twisty-ness when you pick them up to move, but once place on the ground they are very sturdy. I was a bit worried my old guy would have issues getting on if the bed skidded as he got on or off, but it hasn't happened, so very happy with the purchase overall.